Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform

#RaisingVoices for women’s rights and gender equality in Lebanon


Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform is formed of 52 feminist civil society actors and activists who were convened by UN Women in the aftermath of the 4th of August 2020 blast and issued a unified Charter of Demands to put women’s issues at the center of the disaster response plan. Since then, the Feminist Platform conducted various advocacy efforts including the contribution to the development of the Lebanon Reform, Recovery & Reconstruction Framework (3RF) sector plans as well as meetings with representatives of the donor community in Lebanon and the leadership of the United Nations, European Union, and the World Bank to share their gendered priorities and demands.

Latest statements

Disheartened by the recent cases of heinous murders against women and girls

The Lebanon Feminist Civil Society Platform is disheartened by the recent events during the month of March, Women’s History Month, and which included consecutive cases of heinous murders against women and girls.

Demands for candidates in the 2022 parliamentary elections

In the run-up to the 2022 parliamentary elections, we, the members of Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform, demand the election candidates running to be future members of the parliament, to commit to achieving full equality between women and men as one of their top priorities.

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